Custom Notification Sound for Huddleverse App 🔔

Hey Huddlers!

We’ve been on an exciting sound journey, and we’re thrilled to unveil the results!

After months of exploring and tinkering with various tones, we’ve narrowed it down to 12 awesome notification sounds in the first round. But we have always valued your inputs, so we first turned to our dedicated frontiersa special group of pioneers of the huddleverse app who help out with the team by spotting bugs and recommending new features to the app.

And guess what? Four of these sounds stood out so much that we still couldn’t choose just one! That’s when we called upon our massive Huddleverse community, with over 40,000 huddlers, to cast their votes!

What’s the buzz then? Well, one notification sound came out on top with an overwhelming vote of confidence!

Why does this matter? Because this sound is about to become the heartbeat of your Huddleverse experience, a sound you’ll hear daily!

Community unity has always been our mantra, and your voices shaped this choice. We’re so happy with the final result and are so grateful for the entire community’s involvement!

Check out Huddleverse’s new custom notification sound here: