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Huddleverse is now available on iOS




Make new friends

No longer experience loneliness. Easily make friends with people all over the world!

Vent it out

Share your stories or simply vibe around with the community. We ensure a non-judgmental space

Talk about anything

Meet like-minded people who share similar interests, games, or even personal experiences

Be yourself & have fun

We are all family here. We wish you a pleasant, cozy, and superb time huddling

Our features

Social feed

Scroll through a never-ending stream of posts from the world around you!

Voice chats

Jump into one of our voice chats and connect with others in real-time! 

Instant messaging

Connect and chat with new friends in a low-pressure way.

Customizable profile​

Personalize your profile in a way that represents your personality best!


No hidden fees, just endless possibilities for connection and self-expression.


Remain anonymous and share your feelings without any pressure.


Messages are heavily encrypted using both Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Wholesome community

From self-care to virtual hangouts to whimsical chats, there’s always someone ready to offer a hand!


Huddleverse is designed to provide a frictionless experience for all users.

Huddleverse was created because we envision a world where mental health experiences are normalized. Nobody should experience being alone in their thoughts again. We believe everyone belongs.

Join us and make new friends! 😊

Ready to huddle?