Huddlehumans Rebrands with New Logo and Website Redesign 🥶

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and an insatiable desire to exceed expectations, Huddlehumans has unveiled a brand-new logo and a stunningly redesigned website.


The history of Huddlehumans.


From its humble beginnings, Huddlehumans has always been driven by a vision to create a sense of togetherness in an increasingly disconnected world. In 2017, founder Viaano meticulously crafted the original Huddlehumans logo, ingeniously incorporating two interlocking ‘H’s that evoked the warmth of a heartfelt embrace. This symbolic depiction, rendered in a harmonious blend of distinctive blue and vibrant orange, quickly became synonymous with the brand’s passion for human connection.


The original Huddlehumans website first created in 2017 by Founder Viaano Spruyt.


Huddlehumans website design from 2021 – 2022.


Now, as Huddlehumans continues to push the boundaries of tech innovation and refine its strategic focus, a bold new chapter emerges. Embracing a more refined and sophisticated aesthetic, the new logo showcases five meticulously arranged blocks, effortlessly forming a lowercase ‘H.’ Each square-shaped block signifies the 5 core values of Huddlehumans – Acceptance, Inclusiveness, Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Humility.


The latest Huddlehumans logo and website design in 2023.


While the Huddleverse app, adorned with its lovable penguin blob logo, continues to captivate and inspire a sense of fun and welcomeness, the new Huddlehumans logo reflects the company’s pursuit of a more formal and distinguished presence. It serves as a beacon of professionalism and sets the stage for a range of extraordinary experiences that lie ahead.

In tandem with the breathtaking new logo, Huddlehumans has meticulously revamped its website, focussing on keeping it simple, clean, and sleek.

As Huddlehumans ushers in this new era of distinction, the company remains steadfast in its dedication to redefining the way we engage with one another. This remarkable rebranding effort is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of a world where mental health conversations are normalized.

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