Huddleverse v1.3 Released! 🔥

Dear Huddlers, you’ve asked, and we’ve delivered! The Huddleverse App Version 1.3 has just been released! Update your app now to access new features!


Here are the key updates for v1.3:

– Introduced block feature. Users can now block other users in the app.

– Introduced hide post feature. Users can now hide posts they do not wish to see in the app.

– Introduced animated sticker pack that can be used in chats. Users can now send super cute, animated stickers of Penyoo & Pals in all chats.

– Introduced tone indicators feature. Users can now input beautiful colors in their posts when using tone indicators like /gen, /j, /pos etc.

– App notification sound chosen by community is now implemented in the app.

– Improved user experience for all users. Ads removed, custom profile photos can now be uploaded, and photos can now be sent in chats, amongst others.

– New awards added.

– Many reported bugs in the previous version have been fixed.

– Word limit for messages in chats increased from 300 characters to 2000 characters.

– User interface design changes implemented.


If you have found any bugs, or have any feedback or suggestions, please write to us through our contact us form on our website over at


Happy huddling!
-Huddleverse Team