National Footballer, Lila Tan, Comes On Huddleverse Podcast ⚽

Lila Tan is not only the runner-up to Miss Universe Singapore 2021 but also a professional footballer who plays for Lion City Sailors and the Singapore national team.

In our latest Be Yourself Podcast, discover the person behind the athlete as Lila delves into her life beyond football, recounting her experiences growing up in Shanghai for 14 years and drawing insightful comparisons between life in China and Singapore.

Being the eldest and a big sister to three younger brothers holds profound significance for Lila, and she opens up about the dynamics of her family. Football enthusiasts will be intrigued to learn about Lila’s favorite position on the pitch and her preference between scoring and assisting, giving a glimpse into her mindset during games.

The podcast unfolds Lila’s early connection with football and the emotions tied to earning her first international cap for Singapore’s women’s football team. Furthermore, Lila candidly reflects on her football career’s highs and lows, providing a glimpse into the challenges she’s faced and overcome.

Balancing studies, football, and modeling, Lila sheds light on her packed schedule and offers valuable tips for aspiring student-athletes. She discusses the struggles of fitting in during her youth and addresses the importance of reframing societal standards, especially in the modeling industry – advocating for self-acceptance and embracing individuality.

The conversation extends to raising awareness of women’s football in Singapore, with Lila sharing her insights on what can be done better.

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