5 Ways to Show Someone That You Care 😊


Along with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy for us to get too caught up with our own struggles that we forget that others could be going through a rough patch too. Expanding our hearts and reaching out to others helps us not get too engrossed with our own worries that we sink deeper into fear. Rather, it shifts our focus towards something meaningful which feeds our souls and sense of purpose. Here are 5 ways in which you can show the people around you that you care!


  1. Checking in!

A quick and short text message, call or video call is a good place to begin. Oftentimes, people feel shy or embarrassed about sharing their problems, especially when there is no opportunity for them to do so. Taking the initiative to reach out and check in with a loved one or a friend, with a simple β€œHello! How have you been?” can kickstart a heartfelt and honest sharing between both of you.


  1. Lend a listening ear

Listening attentively is a powerful and often underestimated tool in our society today. Many people desire to air their thoughts, frustrations, moments of joy, and so on, but seldom do people take time to internalise and understand what is being shared with them. To let someone know you care is by giving them time and space to have their voices be heard without judgement or rebuttal.


  1. Remembering them

In the little ways, we can let those we love know that we thought of them. From listening to a song to reading a post, our day to day habits can turn into an outlet for us to also share our thoughts which we can’t yet put into words with those whom we care about. Sharing these resources with them sends a comforting message that you remembered them.


  1. Words of encouragement

Everyone needs a little push to get through the day sometimes. It would be heartwarming to hear some words of affirmation and hopefulness, regardless of whether or not someone is struggling. Picking inspiration or the right words to say can be hard. Try thinking about what you’d like to hear someone say to you, and use that as a place to begin.


  1. Gifting

The size or value of the item does not equate to how much you care. Gifting is a way that you can express what they mean to you, in a written card, a snack, or something that you’ve noticed they like.


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