Boredom: a modern day problem 🥱

We are quick to view boredom as equivalent to unproductivity. We panic at the realisation that we have nothing planned and that no activities are lining up or that the tasks we are about to embark on lack meaning. The way modern society shapes us to be forward-thinking unconsciously created a disconnect between the way our neural circuit is running and what is happening in the present moment. Feelings of agitation and anxiety appearing as a sign of having nothing to do is symbolic of our childhood. Our lives were in constant flux and packed with tuition, enrichment courses, music lessons, arts and sports events on top of school and family time. This hard-wired us to believe that we must always be engaged in an activity to have a productive day. As we grew older, we continue to put those who strive and hustle on a pedestal. Hustle culture taught us to overwork ourselves to create the life we want. Technological advancements taught us that multitasking will fast track and propel us further in life. The amalgamation of these ideas in turn set us up for a life of unhappiness and unfulfillment.

How do we begin to find silence in this noisy world? We have to create for ourselves the kind of world that best suits the vision we have for our life. The one size fits all model cannot apply here, for you will forever be indebted to the chaos. Allowing the picture-perfect society to fill the void in your life leaves you unchecked and susceptible to external influences. You may be unaware now but they will surely become apparent during the lowest points of your life. Boredom is not all bad.

“Boredom is the birthplace of creativity.”

The lack of stimulation gives our minds the space to play and reconnect with our creativity. These tasks set the rhythm and momentum your brain needs to connect the dots with things that didn’t seem connectable while your brain is fully engaged. Freedom is found in the mind first. If you can learn to release the temptations and the noise of this world, you have created peace within this lifetime. A sacred place for you to disappear and create magic. We are the magician, life is the magic and how we choose to live it is the magical act. Eastern philosophy has a concept known as “Wu-Wei” that translates to non-action or effortless action. It is to embrace the nothingness and become one with the reality of the present situation. The act of doing nothing does not mean that nothing is done. It is a technique used to develop an attitude of observing and being in a state of open awareness of each moment. This attitude allows us to flow with the natural rhythm of life and work hand in hand to actualise our vision. Our heart and mind take a back seat, flowing with nature and gaining a deeper understanding of what is. Wu Wei is a coveted skill to have because it cultivates self-control and therefore tunes our behaviours in accordance with the natural way of things.

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