Founder Viaano Spruyt and Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong Talk Mental Health at CNA Forum 🧠

Our founder Viaano Spruyt engaged directly with Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, Lawrence Wong, at the recent CNA Youth Forum in support of Forward SG.

Viaano’s sole priority for the session was to stand up for and ensure that the voices of our youths with mental health experiences in Singapore are heard by the 4G leadership team.

He said that we need to reappraise our existing national measures towards mental health care and tackle the ingrained, intergenerational barriers that are pushing back our youths when they are attempting to access the first-layer of mental health support.

Viaano further mentions, “This is so that every young person in Singapore will never feel lonely and intimidated again; especially after they have finally mustered up the courage to take the first step in seeking support with their mental health.”


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