If you are struggling with ANGER problems, read this! 😡

What to do if you are struggling with Anger? 

Anger is one out of the many emotions that we experience as a human being. Emotional states describe the way we feel and is a result of a combination of mental, social, and physical factors. 

Expressing emotions like anger can be a good thing as it allows you to convey your negative feelings. However, it can start to be a problem when it is expressed through unhelpful or destructive behaviour. This can create issues in relationships, thinking and behaviour patterns, as well as problems physically.  

Health issues such as high blood pressure, heart problems, digestive problems, and skin problems have been linked to long-term anger problems. Anger issues can also lead to risky behaviour such as substance use, isolation, eating problems, depression, and self-harm, amongst others.


So how can you manage your anger?


Here are some strategies you can use to manage your anger: 


 1. Relaxation – Unresolved distress can lead to built-up anger over time. Learning relaxation techniques can help you release the physical tension in your body which may have been contributing to your anger problems. 


2. Identifying – Have a think about the things that trigger your anger. By understanding the warning signs and what sets you off, you will be able to avoid these triggers in the future, respond differently, or even let others know your triggers so that they can help.  


3. Controlled breathing – Learning simple breathing techniques that slows your breath down can help alleviate some of your anger. One example is breathing deeply from your diaphragm instead of your chest. 


4. Reaching out – Try reaching out to someone you can trust such as a family member, a close friend, or even your teacher. Talking with them is a great start to finding solutions to manage what’s going on with your emotions. If you are being bullied or discriminated against, you can seek help from a professional such as a counsellor or at your local doctor. 


5. Changing your environment – Anger related issues can sometimes be a result of your belief systems on how the world should be in accordance to your worldview. If you have an experience that does not conform to your expectations, a lot of frustration and anger can arise from it. Thus, being aware and acknowledging your beliefs can place you in a position where you can try out some new ways to manage this feeling. 

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