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The Huddleverse App
A Singapore-based mental health start-up has recently launched a groundbreaking app called Huddleverse, which has garnered immense popularity within a week of its release. This app provides a social media-like platform for individuals facing mental health challenges to share their feelings and experiences with others. The anonymous nature of the app allows users to express themselves freely, offering and receiving support from a compassionate community.

Prominent Figures in App Launch Video
During the app’s official launch on May 23, notable personalities such as Olympic champion Joseph Schooling, Asian Games jiu-jitsu silver medallist Constance Lien, and influencer Hannah Alkaff appeared in a video, urging people to lend an ear to those in need.

Features and Functionality
Huddleverse functions as a safe space for users, where they can create posts about their mental health journeys. Other users can then respond with text or voice messages, attaching images and stickers as well. The app allows individuals to register using only a screen name and select an avatar, ensuring complete anonymity. Users appreciate the ability to remain unidentified, as it fosters a sense of comfort and encourages vulnerability. Registration requires only an email address, which is not shared with other users.

User Experiences and Feedback
Barely a week in of its launch, Huddleverse has been downloaded approximately 5,000 times and has already reached the top 18 in the Apple App Store. Early adopters have praised the app’s anonymous nature, with users finding solace in pouring out their emotions and receiving supportive advice from the community. The platform operates within strict boundaries, avoiding diagnostic attempts and focusing instead on sharing coping strategies that have personally helped users navigate their own challenges. When situations involving self-harm arise, users are advised to seek professional help.

Founder’s Vision
Mr. Viaano Spruyt, the 26-year-old founder of Huddleverse, aimed to bridge the gap between individuals hesitant to seek professional mental health help and those in need of immediate support. Initially established as a web forum in 2017 under the name Huddlehumans, the platform has since evolved, with subsequent iterations on Telegram and Discord. With the launch of Huddleverse, Mr. Spruyt intends to cultivate a dedicated space solely focused on the social aspect of mental health. Future plans include the introduction of an Android version of the app.

Huddleverse, the new social mental health app developed by Singapore-based start-up Huddlehumans, has quickly gained traction as a supportive and empathetic community for individuals facing mental health challenges. Through its anonymous and user-friendly interface, the app facilitates the sharing of struggles and the provision of emotional support. With its trendy interface and positive user feedback, Huddleverse is making significant strides towards destigmatizing mental health issues and offering accessible support to those in need through it’s social approach.

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