3 Myth BUSTING FACTS about violence against women❗

Domestic violence is the unequal distribution of power where one person has the power and control
over the other person. While it can be perpetrated by any member of a family, statistics has
continually shown that it is more likely to be committed by men against women and children. That
said, all victims, regardless of their gender should be given the support needed to hold their
perpetrators accountable for the violence inflicted.
Today let’s talk about 3 Myths and Facts about violence against women:

Myth 1: It can’t be that bad as she hasn’t left the relationship.

Fact: Women are often fearful of leaving that they feel it is actually safer to stay. Women are at the
highest point of danger when leaving an abuser and thus staying gives the women some control.
There are other reasons why women may decide to stay and this can include, but are not limited to,
believing that the partner can change, desire to maintain the nuclear family unit, lack of financial

Myth 2: Family violence only happens in poor, uneducated and minority families.

Fact: Family violence consistently occurs amongst all type of families, regardless of background,
income, profession, ethnicity, race, educational level, profession or religion.

Myth 3: She asked for it, she deserved it, she started all of this.

Fact: No one asks or deserves to be abused. It is very common for abusers to blame victims for
provoking them. There is no excuse for violence.

If you ever know someone who may be in an abusive relationship, the most important thing you can
do is to listen to them and believe them, without judging their experience. You can further offer
practical help such as helplines, support shelters, transport options, amongst others.

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