5 new things to do this new year 🎆

To welcome in 2022, we have collated 5 new things you could do this new year! Clear out the old to make space for the new.


1. Pack your room

Packing your room is a great way to clean out the old and make space for the new, tangibly and symbolically!


2. Clean your closet

Keep only your favourite clothes and get rid of those you barely wore last year. You might find more clarity about your own style!


3. Get a planner

Getting yourself a planner or journal is a great way to get organised, write down your thoughts, plans and self-improve!


4. Break a bad habit and start a good one

Break a bad habit by using small gradual steps and start a good one in the same way. Begin by spending at least 1-5 minutes per day with your change.


5. Share something you’ve never shared before

Did you know? Our Huddlehumans community on Discord includes channels where you can share hobbies such as artworks, photography and even your cooking!

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