Huddlehumans’ First-ever Event, Art in Mental Health! 🎨

Alongside our wonderful team and our amazing partners Youth Corps Singapore and The Eurasian Association, we hosted our first-ever public event ‘Art in Mental Health’ to a resounding success.

The event kicked off with our founder Viaano welcoming our audience of the night and introducing them what Huddlehumans is all about.

Subsequently the stage was handed over to our Head of Social Media Talya whom through this event, using art as the focal point, shared how art can be used as an adaptive coping response to the myriad of stressors on our mental health and well-being.

Finally, she illustrated several benefits of art such as feeling calmer and more relaxed, clearing our head and making sense of our emotions, and increasing our self-esteem and confidence, amongst others.

Our wonderful participants of the night were highly engaged and were able to get in on the act through our various hands-on workshop activities that enabled them to put all the prior learning to practical use!

It was indeed a wonderful occasion for all and an inaugural event that the Huddlehumans team will surely never forget!

Watch snippets of the event here:

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